We do listen to every demo submission that you send to Musicarchy Media, but we have to advise you that we take this process in great consideration as a sign of respect for you and/or the band you’re representing, so it’s important that you understand that listening to demos is a long process. We wanna make sure we don’t say No just because one of us had a bad day or we say Yes just because we had awesome sex the previous night. We’re receiving lots of demos and we need time to listen to them. What happens after we’ve listened to your demo: if we like it we will contact you; if we don’t like it, we will not contact you.

Requirements: Please send either Wave files or high quality Mp3 via our email. It’s also very important that you send all the contact information together with your e-mail (phone, address, e-mail, etc.) so that if we like it, we’ll be able to contact you. Please also enclose a band photo to give us a visual impression as well as a short bio with basic info on your band and touring history if any.

Contact information

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Phone number:
+44 208 144 2866


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