AngelSeed hails from Croatia and was originally formed by Damir Marijan Maras, Jurica Baljak and Siniša Antunovic Medo who wanted to combine the basics of thrash metal and musical influences of different sub-styles, mostly symphonic and power metal. Later on Ivana Anic Lara on vocals, Jurica Bazant and Juraj Birin joined them.

AngelSeed’s first introduction to the general public was as a support for one of the biggest female fronted band, Within Temptation in Zagreb in 2008. The great acceptance from the crowd and positive feedback gave them the strength to pack their bags and fly to Sweden to record. The band hit Sweetspot Studio to produce their first album guided by Swedish producer Rickard Bengtsson. As time went by in the studio and the band’s ideas became more complex, AngelSeed came to the conclusion they had to collaborate with another famous producer Jens Bogren (Fascination Studio) who mixed and mastered their recordings. «Crimson Dyed Abyss» was born.

The band got the opportunity to be introduced in their home land as models on the novel «Gordana» by M. J. Zagorka. The author is one of the most productive novelist in Croatia and «Gordana» was her the most comprehensive work, a timeless series of novels, consisting of 12 books, illustrated by Igor CC Kelcec.

In the meantime, in 2014, AngelSeed self-released a limited edition self-titled EP before embarking on an Eastern Europe tour, promoting their songs in five countries (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia).

The band’s efforts came to the attention of Sliptrick Records which signed the band in 2015 to release the album «Crimson Dyed Abyss» worldwide.

The album received high praise from the media (LORDS OF METAL – 88/100, „INFRARED MAGAZINE“ – 10/10, „NOIZZ“ – 8,5/10, “BLACK PHOENIX RISING” – 10/10, “SPEAKERS” – 9/10, “HELLY CHERRY” – 9/10, „FEMFORGACS“ – 9/10 just to name a few) which led AngelSeed to decide to embark on another tour which touched Austria Czech R., Germany and Denmark.

AngelSeed style is hard to label and it’s unique in its genre. Not being slaves to any metal sub-genre in particular, AngelSeed is proud to build their songs as mixture of different sub-genres of heavy metal music, from symphonic metal, power, goth, thrash, with a touch of different folk and classical instruments as well. Lyrics reflect their members’ attitudes towards life, wishes, friendship, desires, love, sadness and happiness and thoughts of death and life in general. All combined with elements of fantasy, including different fictional characters, different Worlds and dimensions click here for more info.

Current line-up:

Damir Marijan Maras (rhythm-guitar)

Siniša Antunović-Medo (bass)

Jurica Baljak (drums)

Juraj Birin (solo guitar)

Jurica Bažant (keyboards)

Ivana Anic-Lara (vocal)