Animan is a two piece alternative (hard)rock/metal band from Gothenburg Sweden. The members and long time friends Thomas Kihlberg (lead vocals, guitar) and Björn Wennerborg (lead vocals, guitar) once more got together to explore their love for music and creativity.

With their different musical backgrounds, they bring together two different types of lead singing which create Animan and the foundation of the sound and spirit of the band.

 Some things in life are just to good to give up and let go. This band is a living proof and a result of that philosophy.

A couple of things remained from the ruins of their former band Backwater: Björn, Thomas and a passion for music.

Being a bit frustrated of having some great songs just sitting around but never finished, they decided to take care of everything on their own. Just like Animan itself, the debut album The Unholy is more or less a two man show. In collaboration with the mastermind sound guru and friend Thomas ”Plec” Johansson (final mix and master) they managed to squeeze out the full potential of every song.

In the summer of 2016, Animan signed with Musicarchy Media, aiming at unleashing The Unholy around the world, with loads of new opportunities and energy!