G.O.T.H (Glam on Thy Hell) was formed in 2005, in the sunny city of Lisbon, by Ivan Prim. He sought to create a sound using the influences from different genres such as Glam metal, Heavy Metal, 80’s Rock, and today’s Goth Rock. Some time passed and Ivan realized something was missing from the project that he had started. In 2006, after hearing Kate Prim sing by chance, Ivan decided that some strong female vocals were needed for this project. By adding Kate Prim they created a constant harmony that Ivan could have never achieved on his own.

The first album was recorded and produced by Ivan Prim in his own private studio. The album he created aims to connect with the audience and take them to another world, far from the reality that we all live in which the creation of a new order is the main theme. The songs talk predominantly about the different elements of love that can cause joy, pain, suffering and sometimes even death. Though GOTH only consists of Ivan and Kate Prim, the band has 6 members when performing. On June 3rd 2015 GOTH was signed to Manifest Records for the US market and in 2016 to Musicarchy Media for the European market.


Band members:

Kate Prim – Female vocals

Ivan Prim – Male vocals

Eddie Becker – Guitar

Christina Von Eerie – Bass

Zaki Ali – Drums

Christopher Dean – Guitar