Founded in 2012 by Max Klein after waking up from a coma due to a fall from a cliff, Rockstar Frame have reached the current line-up in December 2017.

After winning a few contests, they signed with London-based Musicarchy Media to release critically acclaimed ‘Rock N Roll Mafia’ in 2015. Reviewed and featured on the likes of Revolver, Stencil Magazine, Black Velvet and Fireworks, Rockstar Frame embarked on an Eastern European tour which included 5 shows in Russia that culminated in opening for Backyard Babies at Volta Club Moscow.

New vocalist is ex-Skylark’s Kiara Laetitia, also known for her project ‘Fight Now’ with David DeFeis from Virgin Steele and for being the first Italian female rocker to play Japan and China.

On December 15 2017, they release a Christmas single “Christmas Rape”, a song about the lack of values in modern day Christmas and a metaphore on objectification of women. The single’s cover speaks for itself: a naked woman’s body is set up as a Christmas tree, with scarse decorations and a few scars simbolizing rape, shame and how women can still be treated these days.

In February 2018 a new album will be released and a European tour will follow.

Rockstar Frame’s musical roots go back to heavy metal, hard rock and even classical music, and even though their sound has been defined as “New Guns N Roses with killer female vocals!”, they present a blend of hard rock with classical influences, catchy choruses and aggressive yet melodic vocals.

MAX KLEIN – drums and programming
ZURE – guitars